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Conveyor rollers


Conveyor rollers produced from modified plastic HDPE


Guaranteed period of service up to 30000 hours


Genestho® rollers advantages if compared to traditional metal ones:

– high resisting property;
– do not destroy conveyor belt;
– corrosion stability;
– low skin friction coefficient;
– less weight (up to 50%);
– originate less noise (up to 60 dB if compared to those originating 80 – 90 dB );
– shock-resistant;
– enable to save 25% – 30% on energy costs


Available diameters: 89mm, 102mm, 108mm, 127mm, 133mm, 152mm, 159mm


Genestho® rollers are made with different lengths and ends of the shaft, the wishes of the customer.


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