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Genestho® Heavy 886

Rotary table “Genestho® Heavy 886”


The rotary conveying device “Genestho® Heavy 886”, designed to change the direction of transportation of pallets.

We offer it in different modifications, according to the customer’s wishes.

The design of the rotary table on base of module roller chain conveyor “Genestho® Heavy 888 “. This allows maximum compose modules in the design of the conveyor line. Not drive rollers located at both ends of the module, which allows to arrange a smooth transition between the turntable and the drive (direct) of the conveyor module. The rotating part is fixed to stationary part by a slewing device and operates the motor-reducer. All aggregates are arranged, under conveyor path, and also have best dimensions and better protected from damage. There is no need to build protective fences and missing injury.


Data sheet:

Roller type: Genestho®, ∅ 89

Interaxial distance: 127 mm

Transmission: “Roll-to-roll”

Chain: drive roller single-row increments 15,875mm (5/8 “)

Angle of rotation: 360 °

Frame: Steel 8mm

Maximum load: 1,500 kg

Drive: gear motor 0.3 kW

Standard accommodation gear motor: under conveyor path

Standard speed (adjustable): 0.3 m/sec

The width section of the conveyor (working part): 1100 mm

Overall diameter: 1884 mm (for the standard width)


It comes with a set of accessories, according to meet the requirements of the system.