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Genestho® Heavy 887

Not drive module “Genestho® Heavy 887”.


Module “Genestho® Heavy 887” works in tandem with module “Genestho® Heavy 888” and driven a gear-motor located in this module.

It comes as standard execution different lengths, which makes it possible to cover any required distance. The design consists of a hard and durable material that is ideal for the production environment. Eight-millimeter steel, coated powder paint is standard in surface treatment. Small roller arrangement pitch in combination with plastic HDPEroller Genestho®, allows for smooth and silent movement of pallets and uniform distribution load. The modular system has the best dimensions in the market, thanks to the arrangement drive under a conveyor path and the absence of protruding parts, which gives unlimited possibilities of accommodation in the most cramped conditions. Company Genestho able to provide full support the installation, including electrical equipment, programming and additional options for the customer.


Data sheet:

Roller type: Genestho®, ∅ 89

Interaxial distance: 127 mm

Transmission: “Roll-to-roll”

Circuit: drive roller single-row increments 15,875mm (5/8 “)

Standard speed (adjustable): 0.3 m/sec

The width of the conveyor section (working part): 900mm

The length section of conveyor: 1998mm

Maximum load: 1200 kg


It comes with a set of accessories according with requirements of the system.