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Genestho® Heavy series

Heavy roller chain conveyor for pallet “Genestho® Heavy series”


A modular conveyor system used for lengthwise transport of pallets and is designed for empty or full pallets with a load of up to 1500 kg. The system is designed so that each module is designed to transmit three pallets at once.


Genestho offers principal design systems of warehousing which involves the optimal placement of cargo units in warehouse and effectively managed through “Genestho® system Electra”.  In the development of systems warehousing, we consider all the relationship and interdependence between external (incoming and outbound of warehouse) and internal (warehousing) flows of facility and related factors: the parameters of the warehouse, technical means, features of wares, etc. The control system of conveyors “Genestho® Electra” is fully integrated with the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems of your company.