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Warehouse logistics through “Genestho® system Electra”

Tasks and warehousing logistics functions should be considered from the position of a warehouse in the logistics chain. Logistic chain – it is linearly ordered set of participants in the logistics process, carrying out logistical operations by leading the external material flow from one logistics system to another. In the continuous chains store can act both as an end element and as an intermediate. Warehouse may relate to wholesale trade enterprises seeking to continuously maintain or increase assortment. Then in all the logistics chain, he will play a dominant and end role. If the company has a network of retail stores, the warehouse will be playing the role of an intermediate link for the accumulation of goods, maintaining the range in periods of decline in production, as well as the redistribution and preparation specific groups of goods to specific stores.


Genestho offers principal design systems of warehousing which involves the optimal placement of cargo units in warehouse and effectively managed through “Genestho® system Electra”.  In the development of systems warehousing, we consider all the relationship and interdependence between external (incoming and outbound of warehouse) and internal (warehousing) flows of facility and related factors: the parameters of the warehouse, technical means, features of wares, etc. The control system of conveyors “Genestho® Electra” is fully integrated with the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems of your company.


The system of warehousing includes the following subsystem elements:

– Warehousing loading unit;

– Kind of warehousing;

– Equipment of maintenance warehouse;

– System of packaging arrangement;

– Management of displacement cargo;

– Processing information;

– Design features of buildings and structures.


The procedure for selecting an effective system of warehouse:

– Definition seats of warehouse in the logistics chain and its functions;

– Definition way the technical equipment of the warehouse system (mechanized, automated, automatic);

– Definition the objective, which subordinated to the development system of warehouse;

– Selection of the elements of each warehouse subsystem;

– Create combinations of selected elements of all subsystems;

– Pre-selection of all possible options;

– Conducting a feasibility assessment of each option;

– Selection the effective option.


The next step in the development of storage systems is to define the problem:

– Construction of a new warehouse;

– Expansion or reconstruction of acting warehouse;

– Equipping or re-equipping acting warehouse;

– Rationalization of technological solutions in acting warehouses.