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Genestho® has its own character and operates as an

independent entity on the market. The spectrum of products

ranges from small rollers to feeders of heavy class. Genestho®

actively involved in other business areas. In the production of

large belts conveyors for mining-dressing enterprises and steel

plants (turnkey), feeders, crushers, sorting and transport of

various materials. The company operates in many countries in

Europe, South America and Asia. The purpose Genestho® – offer

attractive, safe, energy efficient and environmentally friendly

products that can compete in a hard market and world standards

in the appropriate class.


Genestho® – is a product for success even in difficult economic


In first of all, our activities focused on setting new quality

standards in the area of transport and processing of materials.

We are constantly expanding customer base Genestho®. Every

day we work to improve our products on our customers needs,

especially given features some enterprises. We improve our

performance, regardless of the economic situation.


Key elements Genestho® – standardizing processes and reducing

the time of production. All this is pledge to achieving our long-

term goals of profitability and protection solid of long-term