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Genestho® has its own character and acts as an independent entity on the market. The range of products varies from conveyor rollers to large belt conveyors, from systems of transportation of pallets to packaging machines.


Genestho offers the principled development the system of warehousing, which envisages the optimal placement of freight units in stock and efficient management of them using the “Genestho® Electra system”. When we developing a system of warehousing, we take into account all interconnections and interdependencies between the external and internal stock flows of the object and the factors associated with them. System of Management the conveyor “Genestho® Electra” fully integrates with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems of your enterprise.


Genestho® actively participates in other business areas and operates in many countries of Europe, South America and Asia. We are constantly expanding our client base, and we are working to improve our products, to meet the needs of our customers, taking into account the specifics of individual enterprises. We improve our performance, regardless of the economic situation.


The goal of Genestho® is to offer attractive, safe, energy efficient and environmentally friendly products, which can compete in conditions of hard market and world standards in the appropriate class.


The key elements of Genestho® are standardization of processes and reduction of production time. All this is a pledge to achieving our long-term of profitability goals and protection of solid long-term liquidity.


Genestho® is a product for success and a smart investment.