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Genestho® Middle 666

Belt conveyors “Genestho® Middle 666” is the most common means of transport thanks to high performance, great length transportation, high reliability, simplicity of design and operation. Belt conveyors are widely used to move bulk and piece cargo in all branches of industry and agriculture, in mining, in metallurgy, in warehouses, in ports, as elements loading, reloading devices and technological machines. Belt conveyors provide high performance (up to 30,000 tones / year) regardless of the length of the installation with speed transportation up to 8 m / s, the use of belts conveyor is the basis of transport chains large number of technological production in many industries.


General trends of modern designs Genestho® belt conveyors are:

– Wide standardization of components and structural elements by creating of base units (base units length is 2400mm);

– Block principle layout of drive stations;

– A significant increase in the speed of the tape (4-5 m / s for underground and 8-10 m / s for open works), drive power;

– The possibility receiving of multiple speeds movement in a drive;

– Using of a unified drive for tapes of different width when using special electric motors with high slip and high starting torque, motors with frequency regulation for regulation starting of powerful conveyors;

– Using of drives with automatic control of speed tape depending on actual productivity;

-Using of controlled drives, which provide together with adjustable speed belt limiting dynamic efforts;

– Increasing productivity by choosing the most rational form of load-carrying elements of conveyors;

– Transition to full automation by means of control system “Genestho® Electra” to improve reliability and simplify their service in difficult operating conditions;

– Decrease of weight and dimensions conveyors by fundamentally new, lighter designs units and using HDPE rollers of Genestho®;

– The exclusion of cargo loss, isolation from ambient dust, hot, chemically aggressive loads and the like.


The company Genestho leads project-design work on improving and creating a new conveyor equipment in main areas:

– Decrease of weight metal structures of conveyor through the use of lighter Genestho® HDPE and reduced loads on foundations conveyor;

– Increase productivity by, increasing of width, of the belt speed and the angle of inclination of the side rollers roller-support to 45 °;

– Increasing range transportation through the using of heavy-duty conveyor belts and conveyors with plenty of drives and intermediate friction drives along the conveyor line.


Our system of conveyor belts can have the length of the transport lines to 10 km for without reloading transport, and to increase traction using special tape with enhanced friction properties, also the tape with covers, which exclude any attachment of goods, which had transported.