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Genestho® Middle 555

Classic overhead conveyor system “Genestho® Middle 555” is the most cost-profitable in areas, which require stable or synchronized material flows. It is particularly effective in zones with severe environmental conditions, as well as in confined spaces.


Overhead conveyor Genestho company has a light structure and smoothness operation. It is durable and reliable, thanks to modular design, can be assembled quickly and easily adapted to any changes in material flow and production.


Elements of the conveyor can made on the basis of stainless, galvanized or steel (powder coating) profile. The most convenient for keeping clean is a stainless steel conveyor, which is a necessary requirement for the food industry and industries associated with high hygienic requirements.


As the traction body in overhead load-bearing conveyor use collapsible circuit having high reliability and durability combined with carriages formed on the rolling bearings reliably protected from contamination, providing a uniform and smooth running without jamming.


Tensioner chain overhead conveyor designed to regulate the chain tension and ensures proper operation of the entire conveyor is setting to turn 180° and corresponds to the number of drives in the overhead conveyor.


Horizontal turns allow you to design a conveyor of different configurations according to the customer, may have different angles and diameters.


Vertical turns allow you to adjustment the course of the conveyor in the vertical direction, also provide operation in several levels. Length, height and degree of rise set up are installing in accordance with customer needs.


The trucks catchers set up on inclined conveyor sections and contain mechanism which reacting to the speed of movement of the carriage, the mechanism stops and fixing, as well as ensure the free passage of the trolley during normal operation of the conveyor and its stop in case of emergency condition of the conveyor.


The drive chain conveyor may be form as in the classical version, and the 90° or 180° rotation, also as customized. Available installation of several drives to evenly distributing the load on the conveyor path. For management the conveyor speed used frequency converters, the entire system is controlled by proprietary control system “Genestho® Electra” and can be integrated with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system of your company. As the drive we install, gear-motor with brake, united in one body, produced specifically as a drive for overhead conveyors, which gives an excellent layout in size (can be integrated in any space), and minimizes the maintenance of the maintenance system.


The set of standard chain conveyor includes:

– Drive unit;

– Stretching device;

– Chassis (collapsible chain carriage);

– Horizontal rotary device;

– Vertical turning path;

– Straight track sections;

– Catcher suspension;

– Safety switches;

– Control system “Genestho® Electra”.

Configuration of each conveyor is determine by the customer’s request.


The conveyor operates at a temperature ranging from -35°C to 60° C.

Resource chain overhead conveyor to the first maintenance is 30,000 hours.